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Table in multiple Power Point slides with NPrinting

Hello guys,

I have a table which could be big(100 rows ) or small(1 row) depending to the selections. I want to edit a NPrinting template to display this table in multiple slides (10 row per slide), when it's necessary.

For example,

     if my selection generates 5 rows, my report must contain one slide with 5 rows

     if my selection generates 50 rows, my report must contain 5 slides with 10 rows

Do you have an idea how to make it?

Many thanks for your help

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Master II
Master II

There is a page option in the Nprinting designer. which will paginate the slides. You need to create a field according to your requirement such that it will be of set of 10 . then use that field for the same table to paginate.This is a limitation of power point.

  I faced this kind of situation very frequently so i made a utility for this which would generate 90-95% of logic for the pagination for me,

Learning never stops.