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Task keeps failing

Hi guys,

I have a report that hasn't changed and today the tasks have been failing with the below error. What could be causing it and can I do to fix it?



Failed report generation for report 4729f861-32d6-4b17-9481-965c778a9c26 user e9c1a03e-9c19-4757-851b-2533cb720c6d exception System.Exception: Filters applied to user e9c1a03e-9c19-4757-851b-2533cb720c6d and report 4729f861-32d6-4b17-9481-965c778a9c26 define an empty set. : STACK :

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Re: Task keeps failing

Hi, Chris.

Have you changed your report filters?

I had this issue when I added more than one filter for the same cyclic report.



Re: Task keeps failing


Check the filters you applied. It seems they are returning an empty dataset.

Upgrade to latest version, if you did not, that contains some updates on filters.

Best Regards,



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Re: Task keeps failing


Check filters, cycles, levels and pages. In fact they are all filters. For example to create a level data are filtered before to be inserted in a specific position of a level so this can cause an empty data set.

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