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TheMotherTask: NPrinting Linking Tasks

It would be nice if in NPrinting there is an option for linking Tasks to a Mother Tasks, so just with one Clic on the Mother task will be enough to launch as many tasks are needed.

I work in a company with 250 stores and 10 Area Managers and a Directors Comitte of about 10 persons. Sometimes is difficult to address just one Report for all type of addressees, and that implies to separate Different tasks for different situations.

That happens because making filters by Addressees could be not the right solution. For example:

  • the 250 stores need to receive the information filter to their store, but they also need to receive the KPI compared to SALES AREA they belong to.
  • On the other hand Sales AreaManagers, need to receive the information related to their own area, but also compared to the whole company.

This makes difficult to use just one task for all, and at the end I need to produce 10 tasks to cover the Stores (10 SalesAreas), 10 tasks to cover the 10 SalesAreaManagers, 1 Task for the Director Comitee.

But indeed there is only one Mother Task.

Any idea to avoid so many Taks, when Indeed there is only one Mother Task??