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Time to Publish an NPrinting Powerpoint

Hello! I had a quick question regarding the time it takes to publish an NPrinting report to the NewsStand. I published a report with filters and it took approximately 30 minutes to publish. I am working on publishing the same report without filters and it seems to be taking a very long time to publish. I was wondering if there was a specific reason for this or if it would be considered a server issue? Any thoughts on the time for publishing a report??? Thanks.

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Re: Time to Publish an NPrinting Powerpoint


There may be many reasons for it to take as much as 30 minutes

  • size of your Qlik application - have a read on what i commented here:  QVW size limitations with NPrinting 17
    • how big is your app
      • how many columns in Fact table
      • how many rows?
      • are all of them necessary?
      • how are your expression build in Qlik - maybe you can optimize them?
      • do you have any data island tables in your data model?
  • the way you have build your PPT template
    • how many images it has?
    • does it have nested levels/pages?
    • does your report generate using recipient filters?
  • How your NPrinting / Qlik Setup looks like?
    • are you using Qlik Sense or Qlik View?
    • What is a RAM and CPU (how many cores / single threads you have available?)
    • nPrinting 17 - which exactly version are you using
    • are you having NPrinting installed on the same machine as your Qlik
    • are you using LOCAL or SERVER connection to your document
      • this may be a key point as local connection will use extremly big amount of resources if used with QlikView!!!

Answer above and we can chat further on this - there is a lot you can do - but you have to be very precise and make sure you perfect your Qlik app, Setup and NPrinting template - only then it will work fast.



cheers Lech
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