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Tips – Why is NPrinting Not Producing any Reports ?

Tips – Why is NPrinting Not Producing any Reports ?

Due to the way that NPrinting is designed there are a number of dependencies and levels that need to be linked together to ensure that the NPrinting schedule runs efficiently without interruption. Below is a list of common areas to investigate if you fail to get your NPrinting report:

Server Manager

Within Server Manager select Services and look for NPrinting. This should be running.

NP Server

NPrinting produces a log file which documents scheduled activity. If you don't know where this is located, check the location of the log file in the QlikView NPrinting Server. The log file will provide you with run times, any error codes and which .QVWs are accessed among other things.

Ensure that the .nsq that has been produced has been added to the Management Console. To do this, go into the QlikView NPrinting Server, select Service. Click on the Stop Button, add your .nsq and click on the Start button.

Has the Start type been set to automatic ? This will ensure that if the service is running it will automatically look for the NPrinting schedules listed.

NP Designer

  • Schedule

Is the Schedule correct ? Is the Schedule switched on ? (Click on the green Start button). Is the relationship between schedule, jobs and task linked correctly ? You should be able to trace your Schedule through the levels of Job, Task and ,finally ,Report. For each level they should be in ‘Active’ state.

  • Task

Check your Task to make sure that the Output is going to where you expect it.

  • Report

If NPrinting is producing reports which are not uniquely identified and is just overwriting old copies, check that the old report is not being used by a recipient. This will block editing.

Check your recipient list to make sure that there is someone requesting a report.

Lastly, run your Task in Test mode. Select your Task and you should see a Red symbol at the top. By running this you can check the integrity if your task without producing any report. It will produce error messages if there are any issues.

I hope this information is useful to someone. If you have any other recommendations or avenues of investigation, post them below.