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Trigger on Reload metadata is not working in Nprinting 17.4 (June 2017)

Hello Everyone,

I am using Nprinting 17.4 and I have a problem  because my apps are not refreshing even though I set the triggers for each app individually.

My vendor advised me to upgrade Nprinting. Will the upgrade solve the problem?

I would also ask you to give me instructions on how to upgrade.

Do I follow this manual:


Also, in the nprinting_scheduler.log I have an error, for which I do not know what it is:

Qlik.NPrinting.Repo Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Plan.ReportFailurePlanNodeExecutor 20171005T084044.101+02:00 ERROR BI 0 0 0 17ae6ebb-80b4-491e-8d13-c959bc53c3be d51ab9d6-4b6c-4fb5-b563-33407c6b3eff a988d074-549a-4167-ba57-a2105bf5f472 0 0 Failed report generation for report a988d074-549a-4167-ba57-a2105bf5f472 user 2c8f8895-c5a0-4b8e-9b15-9f67637b3f38 exception System.NotSupportedException: Wrong content node response type↓↓  at Qlik.Reporting.Reports.Tree.Template.CycleNode`4.ApplyResponse(IContentNodeResponse response, TcTransformationContext transformationCtx)↓↓  at Qlik.Printing.Trees.TcTransformation.ApplyResponse(IContentNodeResponse response)↓↓  at Qlik.Printing.TreeTransformationService.Process(IReportRequest reportRequest, IContentNodeResponse contentNodeResponse)

Thank you

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Re: Trigger on Reload metadata is not working in Nprinting 17.4 (June 2017)

About the error "Wrong content node response type" check the page Error "Wrong content node response type"

About the updating procedure check the page Upgrading Qlik NPrinting ‒ Qlik NPrinting

Best Regards,



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