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Unable to view Nprinting report using extension in Qlik

Hello All,

I am new to the community. Sorry If I not giving much information.

I am trying to integrate Nprinting reports into a QLIKSense sheet. I have already created all the connections in the Qlik and the report is completed and running well from Nprinting. So It should generate and show up when we click on the extension which we use at Qlik. But I am unable to see any Nprinting report in the QLIK, I checked on-demand requests in Nprinting and reports have been called from Qlik and the report is generated and completed but I could not view the report on the front end of Qliksense. Please let me know if anyone else has ever tried to work around a similar scenario. 


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Unable to view Nprinting report using extension in Qlik

Hi @dev7777 

Please have a look at the following video which provide step by step configuration, execution and download instructions.

On-Demand reporting with Qlik Sense


Kind regards...

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