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Update recipients filter on import


I have acustomer who runs Nprinting 16.3. They have several NSQs for several diffrent reports. Sometimes the reports fail and after some digging i found out that some of the users have two diffrent filters on them. If i run the import-job again, nothing happends. But if i first delete all recipients and then run the import again, all users get one filter and everything works fine.

So my question is:
1. Is there a way to delete all recipients befor importing?

2. Is there a way to update already imported uses withut manually deleting them first? (In my case, remove an extra filter)

3. Have anyone any idee why we sometimes get an extra filter (not on all users, but on most.)

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Re: Update recipients filter on import

Hi Gustav,

do you find an another way of deleted users before imported them ?

I have exactly the same issues... I manage Recipient in a QlikView entity... sometimes when the filter is updated , the recipient has two filter :

the old one,

the new one

very strange issue...