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Updating imported charts

I am trying to build an MS Office report in nPrinting 17.2 that contains charts from Qliksense.

In Qlik the chart shows a presentation of data based on the filters applied.

If I bring the chart into nprinting I use filters within nPrinting. That works fine. This is a chart based on annual sales for Salesman 1 only and it is imported as an image.

I now want to cycle this report (or whatever the equivalent is in v17) and I want the chart to automatically update based on the parameters I am using for the cycle so that I now produce a separate report for each of my salesman. In each report I want to include the chart as above but for that Salesmen 2 only etc.

Salesman 1Bar chart showing salesman 1 sales by category
Salesman 2 Bar chart showing salesman 2 sales by category
Salesman 3Bar chart showing salesman 3sales by category

Is this possible with the chart from Qlik? Or do I have to build the chart in MS Office from a table of data supplied by Qlik?

Would it be possible in Pixel Perfect?

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Re: Updating imported charts

Cycling is not supported at present in 17 but ive heard it is coming.

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Re: Updating imported charts

Yes I know but there is a work around which involves setting up a recipient with a filter.Cycling in NPrinting 16 vs. Bursting in NPrinting 17

The question I have is more around the charts piece.

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