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Use Filter Value in Dynamic Report Name

Hi All,

I have an NPrinting Activity Report. This is for the whole organisation. I need the same report for

    - Whole Organisation

    - 4 Department. (Dept-A, B, C, D) separately.

I have created 4 Filters and 5 associated task. This is working fine to create 5 reports.

My issue is, I like to save a copy of the report in my NPrinting folder with a unique name with my automated scheduled job.

My QV Report Name is :   Activity Report.

With Dynamic naming, I am creating NPrinting report name - Activity Report - 2017-11. Adding Year and Month from the extracted variable to make it unique for each month.

I like to add Dept-A, Dept-B.. with my current report name to make a report for each department for each month. ie. the report name will look like Activity Report - 2017-11-DeptA./DeptB..  This will help me to save a report in my folder with unique name for future use. Is this something do able?

If yes, Would someone please help me with some idea.

This will help me to avoid creating multiple NPrinting report.

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Re: Use Filter Value in Dynamic Report Name


Which version are u using it? we have feature in Nprint 16 dynamic report name based on report filter for more details check this article,

Dynamic Report Naming

Dynamic naming of reports ‒ Qlik NPrinting

Hope this helps to you


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