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Using NPrinting 17.3 SSL Certs

Is there a configuration change that can be made in order to not use SSL certificates for NPrinting 17.3.1.  We dont have a need to point to https as all our Nprinting users are inside our firewall.  We would prefer not to use the SSL certificates if at all possible and dont want the security certificate message coming up each time we go into NPrinting.  Thanks

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Re: Using NPrinting 17.3 SSL Certs

This is planned for June 2017

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Re: Using NPrinting 17.3 SSL Certs

Thanks Aran!

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Re: Using NPrinting 17.3 SSL Certs

Hi Aran,

does it mean we will be able to use HTTP to connect to NewsStand and NPrinting Consoles?




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Re: Using NPrinting 17.3 SSL Certs

Yes, That's the news i heard from Qlik experts conference which is happened in 10 days back from Orlando, FL.

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