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Using different (from QS) users to start NP services


Happy Monday!

I've set up three NPrinting systems in the last week and I have a situation I need an advice on.

I've configured systems with NP 17.3.1 and Sept 2017 releases.

Qlik helps states that "Windows user account requirements for Qlik NPrinting Server are:

  • Reserved for Qlik NPrinting 17 services and not shared with any other services. You can use the same account when prompted during the activation of Qlik NPrinting Scheduler and Qlik NPrinting Web Engine.
  • Only be used to run Qlik NPrinting 17 and newer services. This ensures that there are no conflicts with other Windows services on the same computer.

1.  User account requirements ‒ Qlik NPrinting' (17.3)

2. User accounts ‒ Qlik NPrinting‌ (Sept 2017)

I've tried several combinations of user accounts and the only option that was working on all three installations was the SAME DOMAIN account set to start both Qlik and NPrinting services.....

I understand that Qlik's documentation is not perfect, but the statements above are conflicting with reality (at least on my systems).

To clarify, I have 1 NP setup which is a part of Multi-Node configuration (based on QS Sept 2017) and 2 NP setups where it's installed on Central node along with QlikSense (3.2).

Looking forward to your suggestions/comments/shared experiences.



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Creator III
Creator III

Hi Vlad,

care to elaborate what was the problem with the separtate user account?

I have no experience with NP/QS just NP/QV but the requirements worked for me. And I learned the hard way that you need to follow them. Else you are able to install the server and all parts but you can run into problems later (own experience).




Sure, Matus.

We have used two separate LOCAL ADMIN accounts to install QS and NPrinting, but have to re-arrange the respecful services to run under the same DOMAIN account at the end. This was the only way in our case to make the NP Connectors working with QS applications. Otherwise the connector just failed to work.

Tried it on both QS 3.2 and Sept 2017 releases along with NP 17.2 and Sept 2017...

I am not sure if this is a part of the same problem, but the new feature (a "Connector's Validation") in "Sept 2017" only works if initiated by Domain account....

No Section Access or other authentication restrictions were applied to any of the applications.