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Using multiple pages in nprinting

Dear Folks,

I am trying to create a excel report through Nprinting. I am using chart object ID in nprinting , the chart have month on month data. the report needs to be made on multiple pages based on combination of two fields A and B. A field have 5 values and B have 3 values so the total pages needs to be 15.

problem is when I am adding one field in page , nprinting adds but on adding second it replaces first one and makes only 5 pages.

please advise.



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Re: Using multiple pages in nprinting

Hi Farhan,

I am not sure if you can use Pages with two fields.

What you can do as a workaround is to create a third table that links those two together (will have 15 values) and use it for Pages (the %ID_Page).




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Re: Using multiple pages in nprinting

All you need to do is create table in application with this two fields and than reload metadata of connection. Than add this table as "Page". Then you will see this two fields and you can drop both of them on your report. Try out.

Best regards.