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V17 - Moving from development to production

I understand that nPrinting does not have a capability to support developing a report in one environment (a DEV/TEST environment) and moving it to a production environment and that the only way to move report definitions is to export/import the entire repository.

Has anyone found a way to build/test reports and "release" them to production at a specific time using a secure change control process that utlizes good Q/A practices? 

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Re: V17 - Moving from development to production

UPDATE:  Understand from Qlik that functionality to allow for migration of reports between environments (i.e., DEV to PROD) is planned for early 2017.  Glad this is coming but still curious how everyone is working around this limitation. 

Quick poll:  Is everyone just doing development in their production environment or are you just running this on a local desktop (instead of a server)? 

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