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Value Properties in NPrinting


I'm relatively new to NPrinting and I'm trying to build a pixel perfect chart using the chart wizard. I'm trying to replicate a line chart that has 6 expressions. I've added this chart to the tables area so I can use the expressions.

I have one dimension which is Year and I'm  using this in the Argument properties, when I come to build the expressions and bind them to data I can only see 3 of the 6 expressions from my source chart.

Does anybody have any ideas why this might be the case ?

The missing expressions are fairly complex in that they include Fractile and Aggr functions, could this be the reason ? or is there a limit to the number of series you can have in a line chart ?

Many thanks !  

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Each expression has to have unique name(label) in QlikVIew and it should be preferably text (not expression, except where expression is actually text like the one i have put below). If the names are repeated in one chart NPrinting is getting confused and picks up only one.

Would this be a case for you?

Also - Make sure they are not hidden (conditional hide&show).

If you want to have still the same names jus put same blank characters at the end something like:

  • expresion 1 lable: ='text'
  • expresion 2 label: 'text ';
  • expresion 3 label: 'text  ';

If this does not work - attach screenshots of your expressions and maybe try putting them in table instead of chart




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Many thanks Lech, that's helpful advice.

All my expression names are unique and non conditional so not sure what the problem is. When selecting my arguments I can see all the available fields, some just drop off when I try to create the expressions.

Thanks once again !



I know that pixel perfect charts are very fusy about "datatypes" for arguments and series in your chart.

Where do you want to apply your measure ? in QlikVIew (and transfer only numbers?) or in NPrinting PixelPerfect Template? I did all calculations in QlikView and just transfered results accross

Make sure there is no formatting applied on your chart expression in QlikView. Maybe try to avoid num() function or anything what possibly could change your numbers in series to text or formated string.

From NPrinitg side there is no limits in terms of series - you can attach as many as you want.

I have added in wizard 6 series to my char


When i went to Data section i did binding just by chosing arguments for all series (the same argument - Date_Time) and NUMERICAL VALUE from Qlik measure


This is a result i got


like i said before - maybe you could paste here your expressions so i could look at them - maybe i can find something unusual in them

hope this helps.



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