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Variables for Email and Filters


Im trying to simplify a current Alert Nprint solution.   I have a QlikSense Application that I need to use to notify users that they have actions to complete (the actions are in a qliksense table with their Username)

For example, we have two users Fred.Smith and Bob.Jones

At the moment I have it set up as follows:

2 Nprint Filters for each user
2 Nprint Reports for each user  (even though the reports are identical)
2 Scheduled tasks for each user (each using the corresponding Filter and Report. Also, the correct email is used from the User Details to forward the alert too).

This is getting out of hand to manage.  Is there a way to have a single Task and Report and loop through each user in the QlikSense App and use a corresponding variable to sent the email to?


I can see that a variable can be used in the Report Email - but im unsure how to link this all together.

Any help appreciated.  

Many thanks.




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Designing solution needs to take place considering all scenarios. What you have written can be achieved easily by:

  • Creating a nprinitng group
  • Adding all users who will ever receive this report to that group
  • Adding user filters (this can be done via XLSX recipient import from template... groups also can be added like that)
  • Creating task, adding your report, adding group as recipient
  • Adding task filter (using advanced search or precaclulated flag) which will limit data so only users with data will receive emails - that is requried for condition below
  • Add report condition (so reports are only generated to users who meet criteria) - this can be done via setting variable dependant on function which in turn can be dependant on filter.

That means that you only have 1 task and 1 recipient (group) and rest is maintained via groups and filters and conditions.

There are also other ways (by using scripts and API), but I am not suggesting them since first we should establish that the simplest solution can be done and delivered and only then we can go to a lot more advanced and difficult solution to build, but at the same time one which would work the best - however baby steps first...


Lets take step back - you mentioned that: 

* Nprint Filters for each user 

* Nprint Reports for each user  (even though the reports are identical) - this is where you are wrong - they are not identical. If they are filtered for each user they hold different data (or possibly can hold different data). So either your description is wrong and reports are actually not filtered (or should not be filtered) and the exactly same report can be sent to whole group of people or your description is correct and each user recieves report filtered to only their own data. So which one it is?

If whole group can receive exactly the same report, with exactly the same data (everyone sees the same) then yes - solution can be fundamentally differet as you can create "dummy" user for scheduling task purposes and use variable as email destination (this can be simple concatenation of all emails required delimited by semicolon ";" which can be achieved in Qlik variable as simple =Concat(email,";") formula... The drawback is that you are not able to apply different filters to recipients so it really depends on the use case.

Bottom line:

You have to very precisely describe what needs to happen with data before it arrives to end user, if the reports needs to filtered globaly (same filter for each user) or on user level (different filter for each user). You need to describe if users list is can be established in advanced or if we constantly have new users (who never before had existed in NPrinting)... etc..etc..

For the whole solution to be designed there is a lot to consider so If you want us to help more maybe give us more info with description and reasoning behind your current setup.


cheers Lech, When applicable please mark the correct/appropriate replies as "solution" (you can mark up to 3 "solutions". Please LIKE threads if the provided solution is helpful to the problem.