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Creator II
Creator II

What are the advantages and disadvantages of connecting Nprinting to a published vs unpublished app?

I want to know what is more recommendable: to connect my nPrinting apps to a published or unpublished Qlik Sense apps and the reason why.

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There really is no advantage other than you do not need to republish your sense app every time you make a change to it if you leave it unpublished.  This may save you some time.

However, keep in mind, if you keep changing the Qlik sense app, you may need to update your NPrinting report accordingly.

There are no NPrinting report execution performance advantages in either scenario.

Hope this helps.

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I always create dedicated stream for NPrinting reports. I consider Qlik Sense applications for NPrinting to be less prone to change. Therefore i keep them in dedicated stream and have my work stream less clattered. It is also safer (i think) as in your work you can always accidentally delete app - and this would be disaster.

You also less prone to sudden unexpected changes to your app which in your work stream sometimes we do without even thinking of consequences (changing variables, adding/removing expressions, changing expressions layout etc...) If it is done in your work it directly impacts your NPrinting app. 

My approach is usually duplicate app to my work - do changes, test and then publish and replace app in stream. That last step is also not available in "Work" Strem as you can't publish to work stream. 

So benefits of having apps in streams (and i suggest dedicated stream for it to avoid other users adding they own stuff to it) are:

  • less risk of sudden unexpected changes
  • less risk of deleting production app
  • less risk of breaking existing app
  • you do not have to change connection in NPrinting in case you need to update app or bring change - just refresh metadata
  • you can work on app (develop) and not affect production app



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