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What does it mean when "Connection Status" column shows "-" for some Connections in Prod?


We have a NPrinting Prod server with lots of Connecitions.

In the Connection Status column most show "Connection successful on all NPrinting engines."

However some show "-".

What does it mean when "Connection Status" column shows "-" for some Connections in Prod?

Does it mean it lost connection at some point?

What can be the impact of "-"?

I am a bit alarmed by why it shows "-" when at some point in the past it was configured correctly?

We do ocassionally have to restart NPrinting services so not sure whether it is related to that.


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What it could mean is that the NP engine may have detected a problem connecting to the source document like a brief network error, or the document being moved out and in temporarily. Just a couple of possibilities.

I suggest using the verification button to validate the connection and make any adjustments accordingly.

Ensure, however, that the NP engine software is the same version as the NPrinting Server. They must be aligned.

Then reload the connection.

Also NPrinting 2018 is out of support and recommend an upgrade to leverage all new defect fixes, product enhancements and logging improvements.

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Connection status messages are documented in https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/November2020/Content/NPrinting/GettingStarted/HowCreateConnect...

After a certain time without any relevant event the "-" appears instead of the message (connection inactivity). When something happens the related message will be displayed.

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