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Where to find the obsolete sheet in NPrinting and Qlik Sense?

Hi Team,

Here is the issue.

Reload the metadata from NPrinting for Qlik Sense app, it generate the error.

Duplicate the app, the reload is successful but all user sheets are not in the duplicated app.

ERROR : Object reference not set to an instance of an object. STACK :    at Engine.Navigator.QlikSense.SDK.Extensions.SdkExtensionMethods.CreateMeasureEntity(String sheetObjectId, SenseApp app, INxMeasure measure)??

Upgraded NPrinting to February 2018 and see the below log.

Engine.Navigator.QlikSense.SDK    Engine.Navigator.QlikSense.SDK.Resolvers.Contents.QlikSenseMetadataRequestResolver    20180410T060211.844+08:00    ERROR    HCDBI03        0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    An error occurred while processing object c3e1f76b-d5bb-4abe-b822-d988f48011ab contained in sheet 84cd7bd6-1edf-48df-9deb-411353f270c4 of Sense app d220181d-cd2c-49a3-b308-6617a25a4d68 during metadata reload of connection navigator=qliksense;proxyurl=https://xxxx.xxx.xxx.xxxl/;appid=d220181d-cd2c-49a3-b308-6617a25a4d68;identity=xxx\xxx. ERROR: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Now the question is we could not find sheet 84cd7bd6-1edf-48df-9deb-411353f270c4 in app d220181d-cd2c-49a3-b308-6617a25a4d68 in QMC and appobject table in Qlik Sense.  So where is this stored?  Any table could store this obsolete data? Should it be located in NPrinting table or Qlik Sense table?

Thank you very much

Best Regards


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Re: Where to find the obsolete sheet in NPrinting and Qlik Sense?

I doubt this sheet is not the published sheet or not the base sheet.  So where are these sheets stored?

Re: Where to find the obsolete sheet in NPrinting and Qlik Sense?

Hi Lisa,

I think you should raise a Qlik support case for this

now more seriously - as this is Qlik Sense it is all little bit trickyi think. You could have someone creating a sheet in a document used by NPrinting and then deleting sheet 1 minute later. I just checked and NPrinting also is able to read sheets and objects from My Sheets in Published applications. This is extremly dangerous and potentialy it can cause problems all the time.

You are asking where is the sheet stored?

If you are not seeing it in QMC it means it does not exist anymore (user could have deleted it). You can try accessing this sheet by putting ids into url address in your webbrowsser and i am sure you will not find it.

What happens if you create new connection to the same document? Does it still error with the same message when generating metadata in NPrinting?



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