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Will file size limit the document to be published into Sense hub?

I have triggered a ppt document (around 5.3MB) in NPrinting to my recipients that have adminstrator, developer, users and newstand user roles in N-Printing.

They have no issue in receiving the document through email and view it in newstand.

However the report was completely not appeared in the hub. None of them can view that report in the Hub (even myself). It is strange when i checked the task executions there, the task status was executed 100% successfully.

Anyone knows the reason? Will the hub limit the file size of the document and block the document to be published in the Sense hub?

P/S: The recipients have access into QlikSense and they are able to view other reports that I published in the Hub.

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Master II
Master II

The only restriction I know of in the hub would be ensuring the user is

1. A domain user

and 2. A user with a token to access the Qlik Sense Hub.

I have non domain users that have sense tokens but cannot receive reports there due to this restriction.




For mine one, both domain users (1) and users with token (2) cannot receive the reports in Qlik Sense Hub.