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error send email filter

Hi guys,

I'm creating a task to send e-mail and I have the errors:

I have the same user/e-mail with differents ID's filters (This is possible? I send 3 e-mail for the same users each one about the different ID's?)

I have filters only in User Filter level

for example:

user1@user.com Filter ID = 1

user1@user.com Filter ID = 2

user1@user.com Filter ID = 3

I  don't user the override option

I am using the Enable dynamic naming

I am not using the cycle

Qlik NPrinting June 2019


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I supposed part of the answer lies in how you constructed filter ID 1 2 and 3.

So lets say you have city 1 city 2 and city 3 as filters for your user1@user.com

Then you add this user as a recipient in the publish task.

Next you...say...create a task filter that also has dimension city with dimension value 'city 4'. This will cause and 'empty set' warning in the logs and in the task execution logging page.

In any case what you want to avoid is the 'empty set', you need to avoid using the same dimension more than once in the user, report, report object, and task configuration.

See filter rules here:

If you are getting a valid error due to missing data for a filter which causes the less than helpful message "please contact your administrator" which really means that the report has no data for that user, then you can set up your server settings to not send messages for certain scenarios.

See error handling options here:

I hope this is what you were after...if not perhaps provide error snapshots and check your NP scheduler logs for insight into why you may be getting the errors as well.

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