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incorrectly showing table in nprinting

I have a table with 20 columns and i need to show that table in ppt report format in Qlik sense nprinting . when I drag that table into the slide and clicked on preview my 20 columns going beyond the slide and table is going out of slide it's not coming correctly. is there any way to adjust all those 20 columns into the ppt slide?

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If it is a straight table you can drag and drop the columns instead of the single table tag. Then you can reduce the size of each column, reduce the font size, reduce the width of the whole table and the rows height, etc to keep everything in the slide. Remember to unflag the Keep source format option.

Please also note that PowerPoint itself is not designed to display huge amount of data; it is not Excel.

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Agreed with @Ruggero_Piccoli . You can follow his ideas to fit your rows in the slide.

This is a limitation of MS Powerpoint which does not allow QV or QS data to be exported to the next slide. We are limited to the slide boundaries.

Alternatively you may use the other MS office, html or pixel perfect editors if you need to show more rows in report output.

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