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nPrint - Qlik Sense - Object Filtering input

Hi All

I am trying to use the new Qlik Sense nPrint feature "Object Filtering", but I'm unable to apply a filter.

I have tried inserting various combinations of field name and value, but with no success:

Object Filtering.png

Anyone know what the formatting is like?

Best regards


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Re: nPrint - Qlik Sense - Object Filtering input

Based on further research it seems it is only possible to apply filters already defined in nPrint.


It would be nice if the filters could also be defined with set analysis in the input field.

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Re: nPrint - Qlik Sense - Object Filtering input

that is correct..

All filters used in NPrinting have to be defined in NPrinting.

I have never had to use filter with SetAnalysis as i could achiewve exatly the same building expressions in Qlik with set analysis (no need to do this in NPrinting).

When working with NPrinting think like a person who uses Qlik - as a end user you do not write set analysis you only apply selections to existing fields. The same does NPrinting.



cheers Lech
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