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Contributor III

nPrinting 18.x - Log files


we are anticipating to update our nPrinting 16.5 solution to nPrinting 18.x.

At the moment we suffer to find a detailed application task log list in nPrinting 17+ like in nPrinting 16.5.

This logfiles was telling us at what time what filter is used and at what time of the report generation we are right now. 

Can somenone help us pls. where we can find this kind of a log file in the newest version of nPrinting?

The normal logfiles (even x_dev.log) do not show filter information in runtime from a task.




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Log files are different in NPrinitng 17 and above so you will not find "this kind of log"...

Instead first place where you can see task details is Task executions in NPrinting admin console. There are also Engine logs which can be read. Filters, users, task, conditions, connections etc are represented by their GUID, which you can get back using REST API which NPritnign supports. 


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