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nPrinting Excel Report Table Border

Hi All,

I am facing a problem in nPrinting excel report.

Data source is qlikview.

For generating the report in nPrinting, I added two tables in same sheet of an excel report.

I have created the excel template as below:


But the problem is when I generate the report, the output is coming as below:


Whereas the desired output is as below:


Is there any possible solution for this..




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Re: nPrinting Excel Report Table Border

as you probably noticed this is because you are creating new rows based on your template's first row. Since your first table on the left has more rows the formatting is carried across to the second table too for every created row in spreadsheet (not in this first table)!

I am not sure if you could use conditional border formatting for it? like if cell is empty then no formatting - i am not an excel guru?

I might have to test it further to give you correct answer. I am suspecting it can be achieved by using tables instead of ranges in excel.



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