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nPrinting Help

HI i'm new to nPrinting.

My requirement is to create a nprinting report . I have a list of Recipients for this report.

say Arc,Rup,Suh are 3 recipients.

in my qvw . i have two charts. one chart is conditional if Salesperson is 'Arc' . it should dispaly data

for nprinting i am creating a report  having both charts. my requirement is to generate 3 copies of report for the above mentioned individuals , follow the same condition as in qvw

I'm not able to figure out what i'm missing as it hides conditional chart for Arc too.

please help

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Re: nPrinting Help

There isn't an easy way of doing this in NPrinting. You would be better considering having something in Qlikview even if it is two different objects so that you have one report for ABC and another for DEF and GHI


Re: nPrinting Help


In QV I did make chart conditional ...

logically when nPrinting generates report for that object it should check that condition , but it runs blank report for everyone.  Is there any other way of Applying condition in QV?

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