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nPrinting Resources

Hey Guys -

I am trying to learn how to use nPrinting and looking for video tutorials (a little advanced preferably) where I get to learn some basic and advanced nPrinting functionalities.

NOTE: I am using nPrinting



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Re: nPrinting Resources

Sunny - here are some videos: http://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/17.1/Content/Videos/Intro-Videos.htm

More here: Qlik Help - YouTube

I'd highly suggest upgrading to the next service release (17.2.1) when it becomes available.

Re: nPrinting Resources

I am still relatively new to nPrinting, but I have been told that the server is updated to most recent version. But when I open Edit Template to create a report, it takes me to a application which is Is there a more recent version of that also?

Re: nPrinting Resources

Yes, version 17.2 of the Qlik NPrinting Designer is available on the downloads page. Please ensure that server, engine and designer are all the same version.

Re: nPrinting Resources

Also, I saw these videos before but I am having a hard time finding the things I can do when developing an Excel report or a PowerPoint. Are there ways to dive deeper into individual component of nPrinting?

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Re: nPrinting Resources

Hi Sunny,

Hope you saw this already but just in case if you haven't seen this, the below help link has all the components and procedures . you can change the version from right side top corner dropdown.


And try to upgrade your version to latest (current latest 17.2) as you may find issues and the later versions has many bug fixes. or you may wait for few days for new release (17.2.1 is releasing soon) so that you can directly upgrade to latest



Re: nPrinting Resources

hi sunny,

the designer is the same as to the 16 and 17 versions.

so i suggest you to look for tutorials of the 16 versions its more available.

also i would highly recommend you to updated to the 17.2.1 its the last and most stable version for now.