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nprinting - always fail to import recipient in a schedules task

Hi, all,

We encounter a failed case when run a "Import Recipient Tasks" as the first task in a Schedule.

If the task is ran manually, or be scheduled after another normal report task, then it works.

The error info is as following:


Job: job_import_recipients Task: Import Recipients from QV Document Message: Error: Connection error to E:\QlikViewStorage\PrivateData\SourceDocuments\...\*.qvw; Server execution failed

This "Import Recipient Task" import the recipient from a QV table. I use the guild here to create the task.

When the schedule started, the .qvw file is free to be use, but still get the "Connection error" as above.

I am wondering is there any specific setting needed to run such a task?

Thanks very much


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Re: nprinting - always fail to import recipient in a schedules task

I did more test this afternoon. I changed the "Import rule" from "All Recipients" to "Only New Recipients" in the import recipient task, and test run, then change it back, test run manually.  Then run it as a first task in the schedule. And it succeeded. Now the schedule run without error for last few days. That is really strange performance, but now it works. Can not duplicate the error.

As we got "Connection error" before. I was thinking about maybe the  QV process is occupied for some reason for the scheduled time when running the import task. Thought I checked there is no QV process running at that time, and the report task which running after the "recipient import task" never fail. So the "Connection error" is still a mystery. We also changed the running time of the schedule.

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