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sheet without data in "page"

hey all,

I'm using NP 17 September connect to QS 3.2 SR4,

I am using "Page" in order to get different sheet for each agent.

i dont have data for all the agents all the time and  its cause that im getting an empty sheets for those agents who have no data

is there any way to make NP to generate only sheets with data and not an empty ones?


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Re: sheet without data in "page"


You added a specific field on the Page node, so Qlik NPrinting is creating a page for each value in the field.

Try instead:

- create a new straight table object in the source app that contains only the values of the field for witch you want to create a worksheet. For example, if you want a worksheet for each salesman but only if the salesman sold you can create a straight table by salesman. When you apply a filter, for example you filter a specific country in the report, the straight table will show only the salesmen who sold in that country

- instead of adding the salesman field in the Page node, add the new straight table (remember to refresh the metadata cache of the connection). This will create a page for each row of the table so a row only for salesman with sales

Best Regards,



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Re: sheet without data in "page"

Hey Ruggero,

I not really understand how I get different sheet for each sales man  but only if there is a data if I not using  "page".

the table I create in the NP isn't include field  with the sales man,

it only filter by the sales man.

so, in "page" I can get different sheet, but I don't want to use the original list of the sales man but in a object after I used condition and  set analysis.


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Re: sheet without data in "page"

difference is:

  • if you use field as a page node - it is looping through all values in you field regardles if there is a sales or any other data linked to it
  • as per Ruggero's suggestion if you build a chart and do not show 0 values or nulls then when looping through Page node as a table it will only pick those with values allocated to your dimension.



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