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strange behavior of copied .qvw file in nprinting

Hi, all,

I  encounter an strange behavior with QV 11 SR15 and nprinting

I am improving a nprinitng report which takes long time to run. And then I first did a test, I made a copy name_copy.qvw of the original name.qvw file, then 2 strange behaviors happen as following:

1. I noticed, when creating a connection using the copy, only about 220 objects detected, and if using the original, about 330 objects are in the .qvw. Though they are exactly the same .qvw, only the names are different.

2. The task run fast using the copied .qvw file as expected. But it runs 4-6 times slower when using the original .qvw.

3. When rename the copied dash to the original dash, then the refresh of the connection gonna be 330 objects and running the report gonna be slower just as using the original dash. 

Now I implemented to use the copy to run the report. But just want to see whether there problem can be fixed.

Some background info, the original dash is created using QV 11 SR8 or even earlier version, and now when we copied the dash in new version caused the difference. 



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