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totals shown on top table since Nprinting version 16.3 ???


I was using Nprinting version 16.0 and the totals in the report where correctly shown at the bottom.

We upgraded to 16.3 and the totals are now shown at the op although nothing changed in the Qlikview document nor in the nprinting.

I als removed the objectid in printing and added it again but still totals are shown on top.

anyone an idea how to fix this?

I am thinking about downgrading Nprinting as this is no option.

kind regards,

Linda Monincx

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Re: totals shown on top table since Nprinting version 16.3 ???

Hi Linda,

As mentioned in the other thread; this is an issue in QlikView 11.20 SR11 & SR12 (fixed in SR13) that affects NPrinting as well. You can test (without involving NPrinting at all) by using the Send to Excel option in QlikView Desktop. NPrinting uses the QlikView Desktop API to essentially do the same thing, so you can expect the same result.

HTH - Daniel.

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