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using OR in NPrinting filters

I got a report to create in NPrinting (september 2020 version)
I want to show the tickets whose status is not in (solved, resolved,cancelled) or creation_date is in currrent quarter
How can I accomplish this condition or filter in NPRINTING
in Qlik sense I can accomplish this using set analysis
by creating a calculated dimension:
aggr(only({<case_status-={"solved","resolved","cancelled"> + <creation_quarter={"=$(=quartername(Today())))"} case_id),case_id)
kindly advise

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Those kind of filters can be achieved using advanced search and it is not really NPrinitng question but just Qlik Sense "Advanced Search" property question...

I dont know your data model so I am just assuming things based on information you have provided.  You can test this by applying it as advanced search on the field in Qlik Sense directly to see if it returns correct values...

so assuming that the field you want to filter is called "case_id", I would create filter on this field with "Advanced Search option and value like:

=Count(Distinct {<case_status-={"solved","resolved","cancelled"> + <creation_quarter={"=$(=quartername(Today())))"} case_id) > 0

more about advanced search filters here:


and obviously there is more info on https://help.qlik.com

hope this helps

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