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what is Nprinting . and usage ?please give one exaple.

what is Nprinting . and usage ?please give one exaple.friends

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Re: what is Nprinting . and usage ?please give one exaple.

It's a tool that creates printer-friendly reports from QlikView applications.

For example, if you have 100 sales agents and all they need is to receive a daily pdf sales report, then use NPrinting Desktop to create and NPrinting Server to distribute the pdf report, instead of buying 100 QlikView CALs.

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Re: what is Nprinting . and usage ?please give one exaple.

Hi, Ravi.

NPrinting is excellent at producing good looking static and printed output from QlikView and QlikSense applications.  By leveraging Microsoft’s product set (Excel, Word and Powerpoint) NPrinting allows users to build templates and populate them with fresh data from QlikView. The server component then allows scheduling of output – via email or by saving to a network location or a web server.

By providing the ability to create and distribute static output you can reach out to users who don’t have a need to interact with data. Individuals who only need static reports can receive these without having a QlikView licence. This will save you money on QlikView licence costs.



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