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Configuring and Troubleshooting NPrinting Server Service and Schedules

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Configuring and Troubleshooting NPrinting Server Service and Schedules

Dedicated NPrinting Service Account Configuration


Please ensure that you are using a dedicated Windows Account to run your NPrinting Service. Each separate NPrinting Server installation must have its own separate NPrinting user account to run each separate NPrinting Server service.


If you have not yet created a dedicated NPrinting Service Account for your NPrinting server or servers, please do so with the following attributes:

Each NPrinting Service Account must:


  1. Be dedicated, interactive, standard domain or local computer account and not shared with any other Windows Server Service. Do not use the QlikView service account to run the NPrinting service for example
  2. Have the "Logon as a Service" privilege. This will be automatically assigned during the NPrinting installation. Be sure that the corresponding bullet in the NPrinting Management Console is green. If the user has not the "Logon as a service" privilege, the NPrinting Service Config Window will give it. If the privilege is revoked after, the NPrinting Service cannot start
  3. Be a Local Machine Administrator


Configuration Requirements:


  • NPrinting Server and designer requires a fully licensed version of QlikView Desktop. You can activate QlikView Desktop by inserting a license code directly to the desktop client in the license module or by manually assigning a Named User CAL from a QlikView Server to the NPrinting server service account. Dynamically Assigned QV licenses (CALs) and QV Personal Edition are not supported. To verify that your NPrining Service account has an assigned QV CAL, log into the NPrinting Server with the Windows Account used by the NPrinting Service and open QlikView Desktop. It must be activated and not show "Personal Edition". Also on the NPrinting server, you may click on "View message" when the Windows Interactive Service message appears. If you see "Personal Edition" on the QlikView Desktop you must activate it using "File" and "Open In Server". See point directly below.
  • Verify that the NPrinting server service is able to open any QVW by logging on as the NPrinting service account to the NPrinting server. If personal edition appears, you must click 'file>open in server' in the QV desktop and navigate to and open any QVW on the QV server. This will result in the retrieval and application of the manually assigned QV CAL to the NP service user account. "Personal Edition" then disappears

  1. Mapped Drives: Windows services run in Session 0, and mapped drives are not supported in Session 0 or the NPrinting background service where NPrinting report processing occurs. Thus, the NPrinting Service does not support the use of Mapped Drives. UNC (Universal Naming Convention) paths must be used for any NPrinting related files that are accessed over the network. For instance \\ServerName\SharedFolderName\... is a correct path instead of Z:\SharedFolderName\... is not supported
  2. Folders Access: The Windows account assigned to run the NPrinting server service must have access to any remote files which NPrinting needs to access (.nsq, templates, etc). Therefore a domain user account would be needed in this case. That account must then have read/write access to remotely shared folders that contain files required by NPrinting to process reports
  3. The QVW and NPrinting Source Connection: Check for any QVW's that may have recently been changed. This is easily identified when opening a QVW and a chart object crashes on open. Also check that the NPrinting source connection is working properly. If a QVW location has changed, you will need to update the related NPrinting source connection
  4. Windows Event Logs: Check the Windows event logs of the QlikView server. If there is a problem with the QlikView Server setup or if something has gone awry in the QlikView Server, the Windows System and Application logs will deliver errors and warning which could also help troubleshoot the issues
  5. Configuring NPrinting Service Account 'Session 0': If you have macros that require permission to run, you must log onto the NPrinting Server with the NPrinting Service Account. Next, open a QVW containing a macro requiring permission to run and click "Ok" when prompted to "run safe macros"
  6. All NPrinting Designers and NP Servers must be the same version: An NPrinting file created or edited with a recent release version, may not be opened correctly with a previous version. Please ensure all versions of the NPrinting Client are on same track and same track version. NSQ's saved with different versions of NPrinting can cause schedules to fail. The service does not start if the chosen .nsq file was saved with a client with a different version than the server
  7. Then NPrinting Server can be installed along side the QV server on the same machine or separately from the QV Server

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I have found using an assigned Named User Cal to be unstable and would suggest only using a dedicated Single User Cal.

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