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Connect to 2 different sense servers from Nprinting

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Connect to 2 different sense servers from Nprinting

Scope :

In order to connect Nprinting to a Qlik Sense App, you need to install the Sense certificates in the Nprinting server, between other actions.

Currently, there is a command line that will do that for you. But the problem is if you try to install a second certificate, for a second QlikSense connection, the first one will be replaced. Basically you can connect to only one server, if you use the command line.

So my purpose here is: to show the different ways to install Qlik Sense certificates to from Nprinting 17.

Also, this way you can create 2 connections to 2 different qlik Sense servers, a dev and a prod one, for example.

Few point to consider :

  • I am using Nprinting 17 June version
  • It’s not possible to have 2 sense connections in the same Nprinting app.

Installing the certificates :

  • The certificate from the first Sense server,  the installation is automatic with the .exe file, as  described in this link :Installing Sense Certificates
  • The certificate from the second Sense server,  has to be installed manually, following the steps in the attached document in this link.

Qlik NPrinting 17 Install Guide - for Qlik Sense reporting

Also remember that :

  • You must be connected with an user that have RootAdmin authorization in both Qlik Sense servers
  • The certificate has to be generated with the Nprinting Server computer name. If you are not sure, add 3 computers to the certificate: 1 full name, 1 short name and 1 with the IP ( all referring to the Nprinting Server )
  • You may have to add the Nprinting server path to the local intranet sites
  • Ensure that the Include secret key check box is selected, and the Certificate password field is left blank. when exporting the certificates.

Hope that helps,

Kind regards,


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