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Error "Wrong content node response type" or report preview & task failures


Error "Wrong content node response type" or report preview & task failures

The error message "Wrong content node response type" and other report failures can be caused by invalid applied filters or a cycle that try to select an invalid value for the field (a value that doesn't exist in the field).

Note: By default, 'verify filter' is enforced programatically in NPrinting 17.x.x.x meaning that if a filter produces empty values in a chart, a report will not be produced and the error you will see is 'Wrong Content Node Type error'.

Example 1:

Your source contain the Year field that contains the values 2012, 2013 and 2014 but you added a filter with Year = 2015 to the report that results in an empty data set.

Example 2:

You added to the report the filter Year = 2014 and the Country field into the Levels node. Remember that adding a field in the Levels node is like a filter. When the report is created it is possible that a value of Country has an empty data set for the year selected. For example, there are not sales in Italy in 2014. This generates the error.

End result: NPrinting may deliver a message to the end user as follows (assuming email is enabled)

"Some errors occurred during report generation

Number of reports not generated: 1"

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One may also get this error if you try to apply a filter to a field that has "Always one selected Value" enabled and your connection is referring to a QlikView server document. This is a documented no-no. Unfortunately, "Always one selected value" fields can be used without any problems in filters when the connection refers to a QlikView file document.

Apparently is has nothing to do with the "Always one selected" per se, as I still get this message after removing all settings. The only thing I suspect is wrong is that the filter refers to a Date Island. That means that all values are always available (eliminating the two cases from the OP), but NPrinting with a server connection apparently doesn't like Date Islands  Let's throw them out

Using NPrinting September 2017 release.

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