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How to Create Linked Field Based Filters During Recipients Import


How to Create Linked Field Based Filters During Recipients Import

This tutorial illustrates how to create filters based on Linked Fields during recipients import. You must first create the Linked Fields in the NPrinting project to be able to create filters based on them because Recipient Import cannot create Linked Fields. We'll use the Linked Field "Keep All Values for Year" and create filters to keep some values.

Refer to "How to Use Linked Fields with Keep All Values".  For more details about creating filters during recipients imports refer to "Filter Syntax, Parameters, and Options for Importing Recipients".


Create an Excel File with a Recipient Associated with a New Filter

  1. Create a new Excel file with the recipient list and save it, for instance as C:\NPrintingTraining\Recipients\RecipientsLinkedFieldsFilters.xlsx
  2. To keep it simple create only three columns: Full Name, E-mail address and Filter1 as shown in the picture
  3. In the column Filter1 insert the expression Keep All Value for Year={2013} in the Margie Hendrix row. Keep All Values for Year is the name of the Linked Field we want to use in the filter. Then insert the list of values separated by a commas between brackets as usual. In this case we'll keep only data related to the year 2013. See also "How to Use Linked Fields with Keep All Values" and "How to Use Linked Fields with Keep All Matching Values Only". Add Keep All Value for Year={2012} in the Sue Callins row and Keep All Values for Year={2013,2012} in the Robert Shine row
  4. Save and close the Excel file. Remember that you cannot create an import recipient with the source file opened.

Columns Mapping: Linked Fields

  1. Open the drop-down menu by clicking on the black triangle
  2. Select the NPrinting field you want to map to that column
  3. Click on the Next button to confirm your selections after having mapped all the fields that interest you (button hidden under NPrinting field selection window)

See also "How to Create and Import Recipients with Filters and Distribution Groups".

Create a New Filtered Report

  1. Select Reports in the lower left-hand pane
  2. Select the Excel reports in the pane immediately above
  3. Select Excel Report in the New group of the tool bar

Add the New Filters

  1. Select the Filters icon in the Show group
  2. click on the Add icon in the Filters group
  3. Select Mergie Hendrix added from the list in the Select Filters window
  4. Click on the OK button

Create a New Excel Template


After you have added CH205 as a table:

  1. Drag and drop the column tokens into cells one at a time as required
  2. Click on Preview



The preview shows all the Salesman in the Year 2013

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