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How to Create PixelPerfect Charts


How to Create PixelPerfect Charts

Description: Learn how to create PixelPerfect Charts filled with QlikView data.

Create New Template


Launch NPrinting and open the C:\NPrintingTraining\NPrintingFiles\NPrintingTraining.nsq file

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select PixelPerfect reports
  3. Click on the PixelPerfect Report button to create a new one
  4. Change the name to Top 10 Countries Sales
  5. Click on New to create a new template. The template editor will open.

Set Grid Scale Units

  1. Click on the triangle in the corner between the two rulers
  2. Open the drop-down menu of the Measure Units field
  3. Select Pixels from the menu

Increase Chart Area


Click on the bottom margin dotted line and drag it to the 550 pixel mark to increase the area of the report reserved for the chart. Read the height on the vertical ruler.

Add QlikView Object

  1. Right click on the Tables node
  2. Select Add objects

Select Table Object

  1. Select the Connection to the QlikView document that contains the table you want
  2. Enter '3' and '2' in the Select Tables Search field
  3. Select the Top 10 Countries Sales in chart from the SalesDemo connection
  4. Click on the OK button

Embed New Chart


From the Toolbox on the right side select the Chart object then drag and drop it into the Detail area. The Chart wizard will open.

Select the Chart Type

  1. Leave the Bar type chart selected
  2. Click on Next button at the bottom of the wizard
  3. Click on Next again to reach the Series window

Delete Useless Data Sources

  1. Select Series 2
  2. Click on the Remove button at the bottom of the Series pane

Rename Series 1

  1. Series 1 will be selected automatically
  2. Enter Sales as the new Name for Series 1
  3. Click on Next at the bottom of the wizard

Configure Argument

  1. Select the Series Binding tab
  2. Open the Argument drop-down menu in the Argument Properties area
  3. Expand the node CH320 and double click on the Country field to select it

Configure Values

  1. Open the Value drop-down menu in the Value Properties area
  2. Double click on the Sales field
  3. Click on Next

Hide Point Labels

  1. Click on Point Labels in the Presentation area at the left
  2. Remove the Visible flag
  3. Click on Finish in the bottom right corner

Set Chart Dimensions


Drag the bottom right corner of the chart to fill all the available space.

Save the Template


  1. Click on the Save As icon in the Report group of the tool bar
  2. Make sure that the Save As window is set to save in the C:\NPrintingTraining\Templates\ folder
  3. Confirm the File Uame, Top 10 Countries Sales.npx
  4. Click on the Save button

Preview Report


Click on the Preview icon in the Report group to check the final result.

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