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How to Create a Simple PowerPoint Report

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How to Create a Simple PowerPoint Report

This tutorial illustrates the basics of creating PowerPoint reports. It is presumed that you are familiar with common NPrinting procedures.

Images of three QlikView objects and a QlikView variable will be embedded in a PowerPoint report.

Open an existing NPrinting document or a new one. We will use a sample QlikView document, SalesDemo.qvw, for this tutorial. It is part of the NPrinting Training Materials that you need to download and expand into C:\NPrintingTraining\ so that the the relative path structure continues to be valid. Establish a connection to it (see: How do I connect to my QlikView documents?).


Create New PowerPoint Report

  1. Select Reports in the lower left-hand pane
  2. Select the PowerPoint reports type in the pane immediately above
  3. Select PowerPoint Report in the New group of the tool bar

Configure New PowerPoint Report and Open Template Editor

  1. Give your report an appropriate Name
  2. Enter optionally a Description
  3. Click on New in the Template group

Add QlikView Objects as Images to Template

  1. Right click the Images node
  2. Click on the Add objects pop-up button

Select QlikView Objects to Be Added as Images

  1. Select the Connection to the QlikView document that contains the objects you want
  2. Select QlikView objects CH16, CH184, and CH192 from the list in the Select Objects window
  3. Click on the OK button

Embed Images in Template

  1. Expand the Images node in the left pane, if necessary, by clicking on the '+' to its left
  2. Drag the CH16, CH184, and CH192 tokens and drop them onto the slide

Open Select Variable Window

  1. Right click the Variables node
  2. Click on the Add variables pop-up button

Add Variable to Template

  1. Select the Connection to the QlikView document that contains the variables you want
  2. Enter 'y' in the Search field, to reduce the number of candidate variables
  3. Select QlikView variable vCurrentYear from the list in the Select Variables window
  4. Click on the OK button

Add Current Year Variable as Page Heading

  1. Expand the Variables node in the left pane, if necessary, by clicking on the '+' to its left
  2. Drag and drop the vCurrentYear node token onto the slide

Preview Resulting Powerpoint Report


Select Preview in the Actions group.


The Result


The resulting PowerPoint report looks like this.


Hi Sarah,

I am trying to create a 32 page document in Power Point.  I have 53 objects in my Qlikview app that I am linking as images.  I don't have any problem getting it to work, however I have noticed that there is a serious degradation of quality to my fonts and charts in the Nprinting report.  It seems that Nprinting is compressing the image as it comes across.  Is there anyway to maintain the image quality on the transfer?  I have been told I need to use the Chart creation tool to fix.  That would be okay if I hadn't already built my 53 objects in Qlik.

Any suggestions on how to disable the image compression?

On another note, if I use the Qlikview native Reporting option, the PDF output of my charts is fabulous.  That seems to imply that Nprinting is modifying the images on import.

Hope you can help

Mike Czerwonky


Hi Mike,

NPrinting does not compress images that are saved in a PPT report.

Could you, please, perform this test:

1. Open QlikView and right click on one of the charts you are importing in the PPT report.

2. Choose Export.

3. Save the image as PNG file.

How is the image quality of the generated PNG file? Is it OK or is it degraded?

Please, compare this with the image in the PPT files.

The process NPrinting follows to import images is similar to this, so the test is useful to understand if there is an issue when QlikView export images.


I performed the test.  It did allow me to export a chart to png and the qualify is terrible.  So, I guess the problem is a qlik problem rather that an Nprinting problem.  But wait, Qlik owns both steps in the process so it is still a Qlik problem.  I have tried using the Native Qlik data and created tables on the Nprinting side.  I will say that it is cumbersome to work with and it requires me to recreate all of the objects I have already spent 30 hours or more making in Qlik.  I also have two charts that are pivot tables that I would need to convert.  However, the quality is what we need.  I was hoping there was a way to improve the export image quality.  On another note, I was only able to export a chart to png, when I tried to convert a straight table, png was not a file type option.


Dear Mike,

The test was to understand in which part of the process the problem occurs.

Chart images are normally exported with high image quality and there is not a Qlik option that compress the images.

Are you zooming on the images you create?

The image quality decreases if you enlarge them.

Would it be possible for you to share your QlikView document (a scrambled/reduced copy is OK) so that we can perform specific tests on it.

If you prefer, we can create a support case to manage this problem.



We are already working with our local Qlik Partner on a support case.   Can you please contact me directly so that we can avoid using this page as a middle ground?  mike.czerwonky@keybenefit.com


Go find this idea page on this forum and you can see that developers have been asking for this to be fixed for the last 4 years.

Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi friends ,

I am facing issue with current selection box in nprinting PPT report, i have created formula in nsq file as getcurrentselection function and added to nprinting report , so only year and month are coming but other field selection are not coming , please help me why other filed are not coming in my current selection .

I have checked in my template also , in my PPT template there are two slides , but when i am trying current selection formula at first slide it is working. But when using in second slide it is only showing year and month selection in as current selection not other fields.

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