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How to Distribute User Specific QlikView Reports by E-mail

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How to Distribute User Specific QlikView Reports by E-mail

In QlikView terminology, the word "report" usually refers to a static paper or PDF report of one or more sheets created with Report Editor. NPrinting can distribute native QlikView filtered reports. Filters in NPrinting can be set for reports, recipients, or tasks. NPrinting QlikView Entity reports output can be in PDF or one of several image formats such as PNG or JPEG. They can then be sent as e-mail attachments to the appropriate recipient e-mail address, saved to local or networked drives or sent to printers to create hard copies.

To distribute a "QlikView Report", also filtered, by using NPrinting QlikView Entity reports refer to: How to Create QlikView Entity Reports.

For the purposes of this tutorial the following are necessary:

Here is how to distribute QlikView Reports as e-mail attachments.


Create New Report Task

  1. Select Tasks
  2. Select Report Tasks
  3. Click on Report Task

See: How to Create Tasks


Set up the New Task

  1. Enter a Name for the task
  2. Enter a Description optionally
  3. Connections for the Task are retrieved automatically based on the reports contained in it. Tasks can generate reports and apply filters from more than one connection since NPrinting release 14.
  4. Select an output folder for the task by clicking on the browse button to the right of the Output folder text box. This is the folder where output for this task will be saved automatically, but you can configure a different folder to receive output and/or you can save output to various other folders (see: Configure Options, How to Distribute User Specific QlikView Reports to User Folders, and Dynamic Output Paths). NPrinting will save a copy of all output even if you send the report off as an e-mail attachment.

Set Other Task Parameters


You can set other parameters for the task related to Compression of files into an archive and perhaps password protect it or send it to a printer for hard copies.


Select Report(s) to Add

  1. Select Reports
  2. Click on Add
  3. Select one or more reports from the list in the Select Reports window
  4. Click on OK

Select Output Format and Compression


Output can be in PDF or one of several image formats. You can add the same report more than once and set the Output Format for each to a different format. Any number of different reports can be added and any available Output Format can be chosen for each individual report. One or more reports can also be compressed into an archive that can be password protected or not.


Add Recipients

  1. Select the Recipients icon in the Show group
  2. click on the Add icon in the Recipients group
  3. Select one or more recipients from the list in the Select Recipients window
  4. Click on the OK button

You can add as many Recipients to a Task as you want. Separate output, filtered using each Recipient's filter(s), will be created for each recipient. You can see and modify Recipient details by double clicking on a Recipient. Any modifications that you make will be saved in the Recipient and will be reflected in all future output which that recipient receives.


Add Filters


Add as many filters to your Task as are necessary. All Task output will be filtered using the Task filters. This will be in addition to Report filters and Recipient filters which are applied to specific Reports and/or Recipients

  1. Add filters to the Task by clicking on the Filters button in the Show group of the tool ribbon
  2. Click on the Add button in the Filters group in the ribbon. You can also create new filters by clicking on the New button (See: How to Create Static and Dynamic Filters Based on Fields)
  3. Select the filter or filters you want to add
  4. Click on the OK button to confirm your selection

Create E-mail Message

  1. Click on the Message button in the Mail group in the tool ribbon.
  2. Click on the Send Email  check box to enable e-mails.
  3. Enter your e-mail address in the From text box
  4. If you need to CC or BCC someone, put a check mark in the Add CC/BCC box
  5. Enter a Subject, here you see the use of an NPrinting variable tag (see: Can I include dynamic elements in NPrinting e-mail?)

NB: you must enter your e-mail settings, sender e-mail address and outgoing SMTP mail server, in order to send e-mail from NPrinting.

Do this in: Start > Options > E-mail Settings (see: How do I set up e-mail in NPrinting?)


Conclude Message Configuration and Composition

  1. Be sure to put a check mark in the Attachments box
  2. Select Html text and press the editor button to insert the custom message
  3. Compose the message body

Attach Files

  1. Put a check mark in the box in the Selected column next to each report in the list that you want to be attached. If you want all reports present in the list to be attached then just put a check mark in the box in the first row
  2. Add any other external files to the list in the bottom pane by clicking on the Add button, browsing to their location and selecting them
  3. Select those that you want to be attached
  4. Click on the OK button

Conclude Task Preparation


Click on the Save and Close icon at the top left of the window to save the Task.


Check and Run Task Manually

  1. Select the Sales by Category Task
  2. Check to make sure the Task functions properly by clicking on the Test button in the Task group of the tool ribbon. Also see "How to Test a Task without Involving Recipients"
  3. Run the job manually by clicking on the Run button in the Task group in the tool ribbon

Thank you for the tutorial!

Is it possible to have a button in the final application so that any user can click it and automatically send the report to the specified recipients?

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Creator III

good for new developers

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