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How to Insert a Native Table in PowerPoint Reports


How to Insert a Native Table in PowerPoint Reports

Starting from version, you can now use tables and columns in NPrinting PowerPoint reports.


Create New PowerPoint Report


Create a new PowerPoint report and name it. For details on creating PowerPoint reports refer to this tutorial.


Add QlikView Objects as Tables to the Template


Select QlikView objects CH318, CH319, and CH317 from the list in the Select Objects window


Embed a Table in slide 1


Drag and drop the CH317 token onto the first slide


Embed a Table in slide 2


Insert a new slide. Expand the CH318 node. Select all four fields and drag and drop them onto the second slide


Apply a Table Style

  1. Select the table
  2. Select the DESIGN Ribbon tab under TABLE TOOLS
  3. Select a table style

Uncheck the Keep Source Formats check box in the Properties section


Embed a column in slide 3


Insert a new slide. Expand the CH319 node. Drag and drop the Salesman field onto the third slide


Run a Preview


Click Preview in the Actions group. The resulting PowerPoint looks like this.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi friends ,

I am facing issue with current selection box in nprinting report, i have created formula in nsq file as getcurrentselection function and added to nprinting report , so only year and month are coming but other field selection are not coming , please help me why other filed are not coming in my current selection .

I have checked in my template also , in my PPT template there are two slides , but when i am trying current selection formula at first slide it is working. But when using in second slide it is only showing year and month selection in as current selection not other fields.

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