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How to Reload Data into Your QlikView Document

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How to Reload Data into Your QlikView Document

NPrinting will reload data into your locally saved QlikView documents. Reload, Partial Reload, and Reduce Tasks can only be run using connections to locally saved QVWs and not over connections through QlikView Enterprise Server or Small Business Edition. You can do either reload or partial reload tasks to refresh your data. NPrinting uses parameters you set in your QlikView document to perform these Tasks. Reload Tasks are typically run to update the data in a QlikView document before generating reports. You need to ensure that the refreshed QlikView document overwrites the original to do this, otherwise your connections will not use the updated data. Reload tasks can be added to jobs as one of the first tasks so that reports are generated with fresh data.


Create New Reload Task

  1. Select Tasks in the lower left pane
  2. Select Reload Tasks in the upper left pane
  3. Click on Reload Task

Enter Reload Task Parameters

  1. Give the Task a Name
  2. Enter a Description (optional).
  3. Enter or select an Output folder
  4. Enter an Output name
  5. Click on the browse button to find and select the connection corresponding to the QlikView document you want to reload
  6. Click on Save and Close to save the Task

You usually want the Output folder and Output name to be the same as the location and name of the QVW in the connection so that reloading replaces the old QVW with one containing fresh data.


Check and/or Run Task

  1. Make sure the correct Task is selected
  2. Make sure the Task functions properly by clicking on the Test button in the Task group of the tool ribbon. Also see "How to Test a Task without Involving Recipients"
  3. Run the task manually by clicking on the Run button in the Task group in the tool ribbon

Thanks for sharing. Your posts are becoming the missing manual for NPrinting.


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