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How to connect Qlik NPrinting with multiple Qlik Sense Servers


How to connect Qlik NPrinting with multiple Qlik Sense Servers


This article explains how to connect a single Qlik NPrinting June 2019, or newer, to multiple Qlik Sense servers.


Export the Qlik Sense client certificates


The procedure is the same used to connect Qlik NPrinting to a single Qlik Sense server and it is documented on the help site page: http://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/June2019/Subsystems/ManagementConsole/Content/Sense_QMC/export-cert....

Open the Qlik Sense server management console (QMC) and select Certificates, the last left menu option.




Click on Add machine name, insert the Qlik NPrinting server name and flag the option Include secret key.




Click on Export certificates to run the export. When finished the certificate files will be available in a subfolder with the Qlik NPrinting server name of the displayed folder of the Qlik Sense server (by default C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Exported Certificates\QlikNPrintingServerName).




Connect with the Qlik Sense server via RDP (Remote Desktop Console) or open the folder via file explorer. Rename the client.pfx file with a unique name of your choice. We suggest to use the Qlik NPrinting server name.


Install the Qlik Sense client.pfx certificate in the Qlik NPrinting server


In the file explorer, open the Qlik NPrinting server folder where the Qlik Sense certificates are stored, typically C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\Settings\SenseCertificates.

Copy the renamed client.pfx certificate file in that folder.

In this folder you can copy a certificate for each Qlik Sense server you want to connect to. You can set the certificate file names you prefer, Qlik NPrinting will automatically identify the correct one to be used for each connection.

Note 1: The Qlik NPrinting server folder with Qlik Sense certificates (C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\Settings\SenseCertificates) is kept during Qlik NPrinting upgrades but is deleted when you uninstall Qlik NPrinting.


Create a new connection to the new Qlik Sense server


Create a Qlik NPrinting connection to the new Qlik Sense server as documented in: http://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/June2019/Content/NPrinting/GettingStarted/HowCreateConnections/....

Click on Run verification: all flags must be green.

Wait until the metadata reload is completed without issues.


Create a new report


You can now create a new report, or modify an existing one, by using data from the new Qlik Sense connection.

You can also insert data from multiple Qlik Sense and QlikView connections in the same report template.


Note 2: Connecting additional Qlik Sense servers will have an impact on NPrinting server system resources. Ensure to carefully monitor NPrinting Server/NPrinting Engine RAM memory and CPU usage and increase each respectively as needed to ensure normal NPrinting server/engine system operation.

Note 3: you can publish Qlik NPrinting reports only to one Qlik Sense Hub, the one defined in the Destinations. Publishing in multiple Qlik Sense Hubs it is still not supported.


Hi Ruggero,

this is a great improvement!
However, is the help not updated or is this an unsupported configuration? from Supported and unsupported configurations I still read that 'Qlik NPrinting can only connect to one Qlik Sense installation at a time, due to a limitation related to Qlik Sense certificates.'

Could you clarify?

Many thanks,



The documentation team is working to upgrade the help site. The September 2019 version will be updated for sure, they are also aware that June 2019 need to be updated. June 2019 Release Notes are already updated.

Best Regards,


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