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Impact of Zoom Percentage on Quality and File Size

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Impact of Zoom Percentage on Quality and File Size

I have been using Clipboard Zoom for a couple months now and I am starting to see some massive file sizes.  I have one Nprinting project that exports 600 pages of Power Point Slides, each with an image.  So, I needed to see if I could make them more efficient and less file storage intensive.

Image Quality can be improved by going into your user preferences and changing your clipboard Zoom percentage.   The default is 100 % and the output for images is pretty poor.   You can change your Zoom percentage to more than 1000 % but doing so dramatically increases the size of the image.  So, what is the optimal setting to get acceptable quality (highly subjective)


To change the setting you need to go to your User Preference and select all the objects you would like to export at a higher quality.  Then pick the higher level of Zoom.  I use 400 % as my default.

Clip Zoom.png 


There are two pages in the attached Word document where I have exported the same object at zoom percentages ranging from 100 to 800 %.   You can see the impact by zooming in to each chart and noticing the precision of the characters.   So, how much will it cost me in file size to change the export quality.


I saved a MS Word Document at 100 Percent Zoom, the size of the file is 23K with 1 object at 100 %.


I then saved a MS Word document with the same one image at 400 Percent Zoom, the file grows to 118K. 

5 Times bigger.


Now if you have 50 images or more in your output your documents grow to MB pretty quickly.  I have a PPT coming out of NPrinting that has 60 images (all at 400% zoom) and the file is nearly 5 MB in size.


From the two pages in the attached Word Document, review the different levels and make your decision on what quality is acceptable.  150 is a lot better than 100.  When you get to 300 to 400, it looks very good.  At 800, it does not look any better than 400. 

So, my conclusion is that 400 percent zoom would be the optimal for external marketing quality material, but I could probably save 50 %  in storage space and select 200 - 250 percent for documents used internally

Hope this was helpful for you today!

Let me know if you have comments or questions.


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