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Migration from NP 16.x.x.x to NP 17.x.x.x or Higher


Migration from NP 16.x.x.x to NP 17.x.x.x or Higher

It is impossible to upgrade to NPrinting 17 from any version of NP 15 or 16.

You must upgrade to at least NP 16.3 in order to leverage the project export tool.

Then you can 'migrate only' to NP 17 your NPrinting reports contained in your exported NP project.

NP 15 is no longer supported

NP 16.3 or higher contains the project export tool.

NP 17 is 64 bit platforn and you may not upgrade directly from NP 16. You must migrate only.

For NP 17 systems requirements before migrating, see link below

Planning your deployment ‒ Qlik NPrinting

For NP 17 gap features see link below

What is Qlik NPrinting? ‒ Qlik NPrinting

See attached documents for NP 16 to NP 17 migration processes as well as the link below:

Migrating report templates from older versions of Qlik NPrinting ‒ Qlik NPrinting

If you require migration assistance, please contact your Qlik Account manager who can put you in touch with Qlik Consulting services to assist you with migration planning and implementation.

*NOTE: Do not migrate until:

1. You fully understand and meet all the requirements necessary for a successful migration

2. Understand gap features that might impact existing NPrinting report development and distribution processes following a successful migration.

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