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Nuances of using Filters and Variables in NPrinting 16

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Nuances of using Filters and Variables in NPrinting 16

There are some critical differences in usage of various filter and variable related options in NPrinting. This document shows the different scenarios for each such unique case.

Version we are working on:

NPrinting Designer: (SR2)

NPrinting Server: (SR2)

NPrinting supports three types of filters:

1. Task Level Filter

2. Recipient Level Filter

3. Object Level Filter.

NPrinting Variables:

1. Recipient Variable

2. QlikView Variable

Below image is the Final Output that is taken as the target to be achieved from NPrinting for Email–


This example was created to provide an illustration to the attached document that looks into critical differences that exist in usage of filters and variables in NPrinting, which can be read here:

Also the document goes into detail how to use the filters and variables in NPrinting.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below.



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Nice post :-)

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Good one. Thanks for sharing document

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Thanks for sharing. Is it possible for you to change the document header? I suggest that you clarify that this very good article is about NPrinting 16.x. First I thought that I missed some very important improvements in NPrinting 17

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Thanks for your suggestion. I have added the NPrinting version and updated the document.

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I cannot figure out what is wrong with my filters. I have a list of 10 recipient emails and I want each to only receive their relevant information (Filter on a field called CCG). The recipients are all added with the filters for each specified but each recipient receives each multiple reports for each filter. I've tried the filters at the Task and Report levels with no change. What am I missing?

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