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On-Demand Extension in Nprinting

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On-Demand Extension in Nprinting

Hi All,

A have prepared a brief document on how to use on-demand Nprinting feature. Please add/correct/comment for the modifications.

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Thanks for the content. It looks good. I've few things to mention.

1. I guess you are using v16. We had experienced performance issues with NPrinting v16. Due to single threaded report execution approach, it (onDemand) does not perform well with concurrent users.

2. I think it would be wise to use relative path to QVW while creating a connection. (Keeping multi environment enterprise NPrinting infrastructure in mind)

3. There is an approach to use a light version of your QVW (published on Access Point) in NPrinting so that when NPrinting opens the QVW it will only load those objects into memory that are required for reporting and not the full document that is published to Access Point. A drawback to this approach is that you have to maintain the second QVW in sync with the first one.

4. For the above point you might need to create a new dependent task in QMC that would publish the light version (for Nprinting) of your original qvw to NPrinting QVW folder.

5. Use of variables to store the NPrinting host, port, connection, path details and then referring those variables in the NPrinting extensions object properties. So any changes made to the NPrinting connection or report name would not require a change in the QVW file.

That's all I can think of right now. Thanks again for putting this document.

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