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Date Filters

Hi Guys .

Suggest me a dynamic Filters in nprinting to select..

1) yesterday (using fiscal year)

2)  Previous Month ( using fiscal year)

3) year of yesterday, month of yesterday  (using fiscal year)

4) weekly filters to select last 7 days..







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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

There is no one right solution for this. There are few... for example:

  • My favourite is to create flags in load script for those periods. 
  • or you can use advanced search option to reference today or yesterday against the fiscal periods in your fiscal calendar. This approach depends on how you have structured your fiscal calendar in your data model. Usually I have regular calendar fields and fiscal calendar fields in one table which you can use in set analysis of advanced search filters

similar concepts I have described here:

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I agree with @Lech_Miszkiewicz :

- flags in the load script have the advantage that you calculate their values only one time when you reload the data. This means that no calculations are needed (or at least less calculation) when Qlik NPrinting applies the filters so you will see a faster reports generation time.

- advanced filtering uses the QlikView/Qlik Sense syntax so you have to refer to it to implement your specific selections

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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