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Contributor III
Contributor III

Duplicate Qlik Nprint Report



I have created one Qlik Nprint report. I need to create a second report, the same as the original only adding a few more visualisations from the Qlik app. 

Is there a way I can duplicate this report (with the same objects, tables and formatting etc.) into a second report? 

Thank you 

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Master III
Master III

Use the Export button on the top of the current report.

That would save the report to the folder on your PC/Remote Desktop.

Then in the main Report pager use the Import report option (next to the Create Report) and point to your location.

Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II

I tried this on a report with multiple connections. Unfortunately it fails, can only find one of the connetions.

Running NPrint Februari 2018. Any ideas?


Data Connection must have the same data model and object ids for it to work...

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Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II

It was on the same machine, a duplicate of a report.

Found the reason eventually, one object wasn't updated. Took some time digging in the logs to realize what was going on.