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F\Brand : STACK error in NPrinting Task Distribution

Hi guys,

I've got a new error pooping up in the task distribution of a report which has not changed at any level:

Failed report generation for report 0479ab0e-2ab9-4b4b-92a5-4028b73a4095 user 9b779f79-9b41-4183-a69d-1d70302c3c4d exception System.Exception: F\Brand : STACK :

Any ideas what is it?


Chris A.

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Might be issue with the template.

if it require to prepare less time create a new report  .

or else

check all the table datasource is properly mapped or not?

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Hi Chanty,

It's not the template as it's not changed and it used to work fine.

Same with the datasource and mapping.

What I'm actually trying to understand is what the error means.

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Chris,

I had several errors with empty STACK message but never this short.

Edit: looking at my current error message the F\Brand means that it is connected to field Brand. Try checking if the field exists, where you use it and if it is connected properly. If is is used in filter then check if it is set to existing values.

Generally I would start with reloading metadata and trying again.

If it does not help locate the cause by removing objects one by one until the report works again. (Do not save and use only previews so that you do not ruin your template.)

Also maybe in preview you will get more detailed error message.



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Plan! On it.

Thanks Matus